• Northfin focuses on your Fish

    Feeding an all marine-based diet to your fish allows them to stay healthy, reach their full colour spectrum and produce less waste

  • The best your fish can get

    Various formulas to target herbivore, carnivore and omnivore fish



Canadian Aquatic Feed Inc. is the first Canadian manufacturer of premium quality aquatic food pellets for ornamental fish.

The founder Darius Chodocinskas has been an aquatic specialist for over 30 years. Throughout his career, Darius has experimented with many different feeding formulas but was never satisfied with certain ingredients (fillers, artificial hormones and artificial pigments). 

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Northfin Features

Quality ingredients

All NorthFin™ formulas are made using Whole Antarctic Krill Meal.

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Less Waste

Feeding a marine protein based diet to your fish allows them to stay healthy.

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Professionally formulated

By adjusting the ingredient ratios NorthFin offers well balanced diets.

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Why NorthFin™?

It has no Fillers, Artificial Pigments, no added Artificial Hormones.

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Your Fish Deserve The Best

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